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Maddy Clifford


Writer. Rapper. Educator.



Maddy "MADlines" Clifford is a creative powerhouse.  Inspired by poetry’s capacity to empower youth impacted by legacies of Mass Incarceration, Maddy devoted the past eight years to teaching poetry in diverse settings—from detention centers, to after school programs, to college campuses. Her workshops cultivate students’ innate creativity, all while expanding literary capacities.

Born and raised in Seattle, but based in the Bay Area, Maddy currently works as a Poet in Residence at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College and raps in a hip-hop duo called FR333.  When she isn't teaching, performing or recording, she curates healing community events through the collective she founded in 2015, Brujalyfe.  

Maddy's ultimate goal is for marginalized communities to get free; her artistic practice imagines an end to our society’s reliance on punishment and policing and towards the investment in artistry, accountability and healing.